Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Start From Home During And Post COVID-19

Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Start From Home During And Post COVID-19

Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Start During/Post COVID-19

How are you?

Yes really. How are you? There’s a lotta noise out there at the moment. Our trending words and phrases have gone from ooin, geng etc to Covid19, Corona Virus, social distancing, isolation, sanitize, quarantine, lockdown, and even ‘deaths’.

This has birthed counter-trends like Bop Daddy Challenge, Something New Challenge, Don’t Rush Challenge, to name a few, which seek to entertain and cheer people up in this season.

But when you retire for the day, what’s really on your mind? You may ask, “When will this be over? When can I return to work? What will become of our economy” How do I sustain myself and family? Where will my next income come from? When next will I hang with the girls or the boys? You mean there will be no brunch this Sunday? When can I travel? The list goes on and on…

There is a lot of panic in the air. People are looking for ways to make ends meet, but do the ends ever meet? In this post, I’ll be sharing with you Top 5 Online Businesses You Can Start During/Post COVID-19

Let’s take a look at the top 5 Online businesses you Can do in Nigeria during/Post COVID-19 lockdown with examples.

1.VTU Business:

VTU simply means Virtual Top Up and it is a digital method of selling airtime credit automatically. One of the reasons why the VTU business has grown to become quite lucrative is because of the surge in the number of mobile phone users in the country and the need to buy airtime. VTU business is one of the most lucrative businesses to run in Nigeria right now.

Running a VTU business helps you retail telecommunication products from the comfort of your home while making a profit.

Selling Via VTU involves a vendor (YOU) digitally crediting a customer’s phone directly. There are no hassles over card or USSD code. The customer will receive a direct alert telling him his phone has been recharged.

If you don’t have the funds and recourses to start your own VTU business, I recommend using the Recharge and Get Paid (RAGP) platform. RAGP is the best platform to start up your VTU business as it requires minimal start-up capital which is 5000Naira.

With Recharge and Get Paid, you have the ability to sell can register today and start off your business immediately.

Here are some of the services on the platform.

  • Airtime ( MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL)
  • Data of all networks
  • Cable subscription ( DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES)
  • PHCN and other services to come.

How To Register;

You will need a referrer to get onboard recharge and get paid platform. Use this automatic referrer link to get registered. Then pay with your ATM card via Paystack. You can start with 5K or 10K.

Once you have completed your registration, please send me a mail so that I can teach you all you need to know to scale your new business.



Network Marketing is a business model that depends on person-to-person sales by independent representatives, often working from home.

The top Network marketing business in Nigeria that I strongly recommend are;

1. Recharge and Get Paid:

Recharge and Get Paid is a multi-level marketing company that is duly registered and licensed to redistribute telecommunication products. It is a Nigerian owned Telecom Company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC): (RC Number: 1279919) and Licensed by the Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC) to carry out Telecoms-related Businesses. Recharge and get paid has helped create wealth for people. It is top on my list of network marketing because it has the lowest entry-level which is 5000Naira.

There are two things you are required to do as a registered member of Recharge and get paid.

A. Use the Platform;

As a registered member of RAGP, you are expected to use the platform to carry out Virtual Top Up, either for yourself or sell to others. Here are the services which you can carry out on the platform.

  • Airtime ( MTN, GLO, 9MOBILE, AIRTEL)
  • Data of all networks
  • Cable subscription ( DSTV, GOTV, STARTIMES)
  • PHCN and other services to come.

B. Build a community of Users;

Building a community of users is not compulsory but if if you choose to do that, it is to your own advantage. The most interesting part of building a community of users is that you commission each they use the platform to carry out any VTU business, up to 10 levels deep depending on the package you are on. You also earn a referral bonus if your downlines, in turn, decided to build a team. Recharge and get paid has a presence in not only Nigeria but also, Ghana, Liberia, and Cameroon so you are not just limited to Nigerians alone. You can build a community of users in any of these countries and also create wealth for yourself.

Build a community of users

Here are 22 Benefits of Becoming a registered member of Recharge and get paid.

1. You earn 20% of your registration fee when you decide to register. This can be called your welcome bonus. Registration is between 5000Naira to 100,000Naira. If you want to join just to use the platform for yourself or to sell the products, then you can join with 5000Naira or 10,000 but if you want to build a community of users and grow fast in the business, I advise you start with a higher package to grow fast as a distributor. Either way, you can start with any package and upgrade later.

2. You earn 2% of the Airtime you recharge.

3. You earn 10% of the Data bundle you buy.

4. You earn ₦40 from the ₦100 service fee charged when you pay for cable subscriptions.

5. You earn ₦40 from the ₦100 service fee charged when you pay for Electricity Bills

6. You earn 20% commission from anyone who registers through you or your link no matter the package they choose to start with.

7. You earn 10%—1% of the amount people pay to Signup under your downlines.

8. You earn 0.35% of the airtime your downlines recharge. Imagine what you’ll make if you build a community of users. ( In the last year, I haven’t bought airtime or data with my money because I have a community of users and I earn a commission each time they use the platform.)

9. You earn 1% of the data your downlines buy.

10. You earn ₦10 when your downlines pay for Cable TV subscriptions.

11. You earn ₦10 when your downlines pay for Electricity Bills.

12. You earn ₦100k monthly if your Monthly PV (Point Value) is not less than 10,000PV.

13. You qualify for an INTERNATIONAL TRIP FUND of ₦500k when your Cumulative PV is not less than 25,000.

14. You qualify for a CAR FUND of ₦2million when your cumulative PV is not less than 60,000.

15. You qualify for a HOUSE FUND of ₦3million when your cumulative PV is not less than 100,000.

16. You qualify for ANOTHER HOUSE FUND of ₦4million when your cumulative PV is not less than 250,000.

17. You qualify for a FINAL HOUSE FUND of ₦6million when your cumulative PV is not less than 500,000.

18. You own your personal online shop from which you distribute telecom products.

19. You earn residual/passive income as other Nigerians distribute Airtime, Data, and Cable subscriptions.

20. You only need a smartphone with an internet connection to operate this business.

21. You enjoy daily bank withdrawals in RAGP

22. You are not pressured by Autoships, Targets, and Product movements

MORE SERVICE options e.g NECO, WAEC, UTME, Etc will be available SOON…

To get on board, and be on your way to becoming financially independent, Use this link to get registered https://www.rechargeandgetpaid.com/register.php?username=munnohouse or send me a mail so I can help you get started.

The second Network Marketing Business I’ll recommend is;


Immeri in a Nutshell;

Introducing a life-changing 21st-century business, IMMERI Global. The fastest-growing direct-selling company now in Nigeria.


IMMERI is a multinational Direct-selling company with headquarters in Malaysia, founded in 2016, the company has registered her footprints across the globe with branch offices in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Brunei, Philippines, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, Ghana, etc. While Impacting lives and Creating wealth, through Immeri growth and Immeri faith Foundation. Immeri global is also renowned for the manufacturing of ISO, FDA and NAFDAC certified quality and Premium health products, made with high-quality craftsmanship and natural raw materials. Our flagship product VAGINNE is a fast selling feminine product, putting smiles on every woman’s face.

Becoming a partner of IMMERI Nigeria, provides an alternative income stream, enables you to earn weekly BONUSES and awesome INCENTIVES.

What’s in it for You?

  • 7 figure daily income.
  • Shares 1% of the coy’s monthly Turnover (sales) as a Director.
  • Brand new car reward of 5.7 Million Naira as Director and 11 Million Naira as 3-star Director
  • All expense paid luxury Vacations abroad 2-3 times yearly.
  • 54 million Naria house fund award or a penthouse in Malaysia.


  • Vaginne refreshing intimate gel
  • Auffair sanitary napkin ( Not available in Nigeria at the moment )
  • Auffair panty liner ( Not available in Nigeria at the moment )


  • Vitide(peptide)soy protein with lemon beverage
  • Adwelle (plant-based enzymes extracted from grains, fruits and Veggies using Bio-Enzyme Nutrition Enhancement Technology)

hush me beauty series for skin regeneration and healing ( Not available in Nigeria at the moment )

kitchen and hardware ( Not available in Nigeria at the moment )

lifestylefood and beverage ( Not available in Nigeria at the moment )

To get their membership code, you will need to purchase any of their products directly from the company at the distributor price. The points you generate from the purchase qualifies you to be a member and a membership code with which you can continue to shop with anytime you need even just an item.


Immeri has two Registration entry-level and business builder packages

1.Classic – 59,800 Naira = 1000pvs

2. Associate -295,930 Naira = 5000pvs

3. Business builder earnings Wholesale:

  • Tier 1- 739,625 -20%
  • Wholesale Tier 2 – 1,479,650- 30%
  • Wholesale Tier 3 – 2,219,475- 40%
  • Wholesale Tier 4 – 2,959,300- 50%

NOTE: you are allowed to choose your products, nothing compulsory. All money should be paid into IMMERI Corporate Accounts.

  • Real time payout(i.e earn in your back office, get credit alert that same day in your bank account)
  • No monthly targets
  • No compulsory monthly purchases
  • No penalty for none repeat purchase
  • No flushing of points
  • No binary
  • No lesser leg or power leg
  • No leg balancing

IMMERI has 11 lucrative payouts, namely

  • Sponsor bonus: you earn 5% percent each time you sponsor or your success line sponsors, if you are on the wholesale package, you earn 10%.
  • Team Bonus: you are paid bonuses for building a team.
  • Elite Bonus: You earn bonuses each time you hit a rank.
  • Promotion Bonus: You get paid a promotion bonus when you move to a new rank.
  • Leadership Bonus: for every time you produce an Executive, Manager or Director, you get paid.
  • Director development Bonus: get paid when you produce a Director
  • Same Rank Bonus: when your direct sponsor attains your same rank, you get paid
  • Repeat Sales Bonus: 5% to 10 generations
  • Travel Incentive
  • Car Reward
  • House Reward
  • Associate member (minimum of 231,480 Naira)
  • Executive Members (Minimum of 2,318,400 Naira)
  • Manager (Minimum of 23,184,000 Naira)
  • Director- Better experienced than told.

If you want to make money from this business, the secret is to refer other people to join you and duplicate the process.

How IMMERI bonus earning works.




Now just 3 people are required of you, after that, they also introduce their own 3 people each…

It’s a good way to create a sustainable wealth

IMMERi……your passport to the world

Immeri is a global business and can be operated from any part of the world. To join from any part of Africa or the world, please, send me a mail



According to Wikipedia, Content creation is the contribution of information to any media and most especially to digital media for an end-user/audience in specific contexts. It is the process of generating topic ideas that appeal to your buyer persona. This could be creating written or visual content around those ideas and making that information accessible to your audience as a blog, video, infographic, or other formats.

Basically, what this means is that you can create content around things you are passionate about, things you are very knowledgeable about, your skills or even hobbies and then make them available to people for free either as video content on youtube or blog which you can then monetize.

This website is an example of a monetized blog and HERE is an example of a youtube monetized channel.


Are you good at something? Can you teach other people how to do well at a particular subject? Then you should be considering online coaching classes.

Online coaching could be one on one or group coaching and so many people are making a living off online coaching, you too can. All you need is to learn the process of starting and you’ll be on your way to financial freedom.


Gone are the days when people had to travel far just to learn a course. Nowadays, people package their knowledge into online courses, set up sales funnels and go to sleep. lol!

Basically, when you package a hot in-demand topic into an ebook or course that people have to pay for before they can get access to, with the right marketing and sales funnel in place, you keep making money as more people pay for your course.

If you have questions, please leave it in the comment section.

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