The other night, my boys and I were worried sick that daddy was stuck in the usual Lagos traffic and it was getting quite late. One of the boys (my 3 years old son) then suggested that I asked google when daddy will be out of the traffic.

Apparently the 3-year old thinks that google is one all-knowing person that has answers to practically any question that you might have. To his little brain, google can hear you and also talk to you. ( I use google voice on my phone lol )

That particular incident brought back a lot of memories. Back in 2012, one of my top searches on the internet was Business ideas for housewives in Nigeria, Businesses a stay at home mom can do, Profitable business ideas for stay at home moms in Nigeria. It got to a point that Google will complete my search before I finished typing.

As wives and moms, we’re often faced with the challenge of either giving up our jobs to stay home with the kids or leave them at the mercy of minders. This can really be a tough decision to make.

For a woman who has always been productive, It becomes even tougher adopting the role of a typical Nigerian housewife. Then the search begins. I know a lot of women who have equally gone through this and a lot more who are currently going through this phase.

You’re probably here because you were searching for a side business for stay at home moms in Nigeria or lucrative businesses for stay at home moms in Nigeria. Yours might even be home business ideas with low startup costs in Nigeria. Whatever the case, I’ve got the answer you’re looking for. It doesn’t matter if you are in Nigeria or not, these Ideas will work anywhere although I tried to narrow it down to my fellow Nigerian housewives. Ok, I lied! These Business ideas are not limited to only women.

If you are a man searching for Successful home business Ideas or lucrative side businesses especially after the COVID-19 Pandemic, then this blog post is a must-read!

In this blog post, I’ll be sharing My Top 10 Profitable Business Ideas you can start from Home With Little or no Capital.

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  1. Graphic Design: Graphic designers create visual concepts that inspire, inform, and transform. Creating awesome graphic designs doesn’t have to be as complicated as learning Corel draw from scratch. It could be as simple as mastering a drag and drop app like Canva. If you do well with this, you can monetize your skills and be on your way to making extra money.

2. Freelance Content Writer/Developer: As a freelance Content writer you can create written content for websites, businesses, brands, solopreneurs, start-ups, and other types of media.

3. Blogging/Vlogging: If you know how to put articles together and grab the attention of other people, why not start a blog or vlog? You may be wondering what the difference is. A blogger is someone that has a blog (like this one that you’re reading) and writes short articles often accompanied by some photos. A blog could be about anything from parenting, business, relationships. etc. A  blogger, on the other hand, is someone that has a video channel, such as YouTube. A vlogger makes videos instead of written articles. Your vlog could be an interesting part of your daily activities, events around you, or anything at all.

4. Drop-Shipping: Drop-shipping business is one of the fastest ways to make money online. You don’t have to own your own products, you don’t need a physical store, and may not even need capital to start this business. I have a detailed post about the dropshipping business in Nigeria here.

5. VTU: Virtual Top Up is one lucrative business you can start from home with just your smartphone and a little capital.

6. Affiliate Marketing: As an affiliate marketer, you earn a commission for recommending products or services of a particular company(ies)to your friends and family. You can even create your own customer base online. You could become an affiliate of international brands like amazon or local brands like Jumia and make cool money. 

7. Network Marketing: Do you have strong sales skills? Then you should consider network marketing also known as multi-level marketing. There are several MLM companies in Nigeria but you should do your due diligence before partnering with any. Network marketing companies are turning out millionaires every single day.

8. Learn a skill: In this present generation, having one or more skills is an added advantage to anybody. As a mom, you can learn a skill in the line of your passion and make a living out of it. Example of lucrative skills you can learn are; catering/bakery, fashion designing, makeup artistry, hair dressing, skin care. etc

9.Information Marketing: Information marketing involves creating, promoting, and selling information products. This could be in form of an ebook, video or audio course.  You can resell these type of products over and over without having to create them from scratch again.

10: Start A Thrift Store: As a stay at home mom, you can decide to start up a thrift business. In our local parlance, start an okirika business. Before you go “what?” Go on Instagram and search for okirika vendor and you’ll be amazed at what you’ll find.

In conclusion, before you delve into any home based business, make sure you do your findings and be willing to learn and implement how to grow your business.
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