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Shadows Of The Past

“The past is never there when you try to go back. It exists but only in memory. To pretend
otherwise is to invite a mess.” —– Chris Cobbs

Agreed everyone has a past – There wouldn’t be a present if there was no past. So also, there won’t be a future without both the past and the present.
Many people live only in the past forgetting to invest in their present as it is the ticket to a pleasant future.

No matter how ‘horrible or glorious’ your past is, the fact still remains that it’s past and only exists in your memories.

You may have achieved great success yesterday but, should you live on that forever? it’s time to get-up, pat yourself on the back and brace up to what’s coming, better days lay ahead.

If you are still talking about what you did
yesterday, you haven’t done much today.”
Author Unknown.

Yours might be a very terrible past, so much so that it’ll be very difficult for you to live a day without thinking and brooding over it. The time’s come for you to let go! living in the past can actually hinder you from moving forward. It can open the door to so many more unpleasant experiences such as anger, hate, sadness, regret, unforgiveness, and depression.

Everyone at one point or the other has had some “good or not so good” experience and how you choose to deal with these experiences will determine if you’ll keep moving forward or be stagnated. In all you do, do not let your past success or failure become shadows of the past.

How To Keep Your Past From Stagnating you

• Don’t keep talking about your past with your friends: Motivational speakers will tell you that talking your heart out to someone will help ease the pain, and rightly so. But having the same talk over and over again can put you in a vicious cycle of pain and regret. If you are really keen on learning how to stop worrying about your past, leave it behind and stop talking about it.

• Hang out only with friends who treat you nicely: Bad past experiences can be a result of a broken love, hate, abuse, betrayal, peer pressure and many more feelings that stem from social interaction. This makes it crucial that you don’t spend your time around people whose behavior can re-ignite these feelings within you. Not necessarily breaking all ties with your current friends immediately but gradually eliminating friends who constantly rubbish your self-worth. Try speaking to them about your concerns and tell them how you feel. If their poor behavior towards you continues, maybe it is time you moved on.

•Keep yourself busy with a hobby: i.e. do something that makes you feel important. Cliché, but true. You may have heard this piece of advice a lot and that’s because it really works. Everyone has something that they are passionate about.
•Improve your skills and keep yourself busy with studies/work: One of the easiest ways to stop worrying about your past is to keep yourself occupied with work. Whether you are at school, college or in a job/business role, focus harder on the tasks at hand to take your mind away from the bad memories that are bothering you.

•Success is your sweet revenge: This will help you completely erase the disturbing memories of your past. Put your past behind you, chase success and strive to be a better person.

•If yours is a past achievement, do not stay on it for too long or it will become stale. Like my pastor will always say, ” stagnant water stinks” work more on that thing that made you famous. Don’t keep singing the same songs over and over again. write another, get better.

Yesterday is in the Tomb, Tomorrow is in the Womb. Achieve Greatness!

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