My Take on End SARS Protests In Nigeria

My Take on End SARS Protests In Nigeria

My Take on End SARS Protests In Nigeria

For the past few days, Nigerians have taken to the streets to register their displeasure at the rate of brutality exhibited by the Nigerian police force especially the SARS unit against the people they’re supposed to protect.

What Is SARS?

In case you do not already know, SARS means Special Anti-Robbery Squad. SARS was a unit under the Force Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department headed by the Deputy Inspector General of Police Anthony Ogbizi.

From their name you might be misled to think that they’re a responsible arm of the Nigerian police force. Far from it, this unit is noted for its notorious acts of extortion, torture, framing, and blackmail which led to the protests on Twitter and all the major cities in Nigeria.

My personal experience of police brutality

Some years back I watched my husband being harassed by this devilish arm of the police force. What was his offense? They never told us!
While this was going on on, my young children sat in the car watching and scared for their lives. One of them still shivers at the sight of a policeman with a gun.
He thinks the police will shoot at us on sight. I have to constantly remind him we’re not criminals and the police won’t shoot at us( whereas deep inside, I’m fighting the same demon)

I get this sinking feeling anytime I have to drive out alone. Someone has to be in the car with me preferably my children cause I feel the police won’t bother me if they sight children in the car. I’ll rather take public transport if I don’t have a company…. and I ask, should this be so?

I was onboard a cab(Uber) and the map was taking us in circles. I spotted a police post and told him to drive to it so we could ask for directions. Guess what happened? My driver was arrested by the same policemen! Mind you they didn’t stop us. I asked the driver to stop and I went to him to ask for direction and boom my driver was arrested. His offense? We were on “one way”

Did I tell you other cars were driving through without being stopped? All efforts to explain our plight fell on deaf ears. We were delayed for more than an hour and later made to part with 5k before they let us go. While this was going, we were not allowed to make a call or hold our cellphones. Obviously, they were scared we might make a video of what was going on.

On almost a daily basis, young children are faced with this brutality from the police force. My son asked me the other day why the government would give guns to people that kill its citizens.

The story goes on and on…..

Oh I almost forgot! Till date I do not drive around with my original driver’s license because if these bad eggs get their hands on it, you’ll either not get it back or you pay an arm and leg to get it back.

I cannot count how many times my hubby has lost his driver’s license to the police because he refused to give them “tip”.
Our best option now is to have just the photocopy and not the original.

I strongly stand with #EndPoliceBrutality #EndSARS and #NoToSWAT

We’re not asking you to change their name and uniforms. What difference would it make when you sew new cloths for a pig?

#enoughisenough #Nigerianlivesmatter
The police is supposed to protect us not kills.

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