Being thankful

Being thankful

Ever been in a situation where you thought you had nothing to be thankful for? I know a story of a lady who had unsolicited helps at home. She always felt that these people were of no use to her and that all they did was constitute a nuisance. She never saw any reason to be thankful for all the kind gestures of the people around her. To her, she was only doing them a favor by having them around and nobody ever did her any favors. She kept on with these and before long, started acting them out until she was all by herself.

Everybody left and she had no one to ‘show’ any favors anymore.

Guess what? Her being alone opened the door to several other unhappy incidents. Now she had everything to herself- her husband, her children, her money house and all was hers to keep. No one wanted to visit her any more. She longed for the company of her family but none wanted to be around her. She became a bitter person, she felt unloved and uncared for. Little did she know that her ungrateful attitude had driven her loved ones away from her.

Things could have been different if she had used the word “thank you” more often.

This isn’t just a story. It also got me thinking and my eyes were opened to the fact that a lot of us have certain things in common with this lady. Amazing how we take people for granted and treat them like they don’t matter. Funny how very nice we could be to people outside and very nasty to the ones at home. You forget to be grateful for that obedient maid at home who takes care of your children like they were her own and keeps your home tidy.

How often do you appreciate your spouse for those little things he’s very good at? What about your children? Do you remember to say “that’s a nice thing you’ve done today!”, when they pick up their toys after playing.

In general, are you thankful for the little things in your life that seem insignificant? How often do you reflect on and be thankful for what you have in life. Think there’s nothing to be thankful for? I help you!

  • Your faith: first you need to be thankful that you have a relationship with the maker of all things and that you’re not ashamed of Him.
  • Life: that you’re alive is a reason to be thankful. Many wish to be here today but they’re gone- as in dead!
  • Be thankful for your parents: Without them, you wouldn’t be here. It doesn’t matter whether or not they were there for you.
  • Your family: that you have a surname and not a Mr. nobody, that you have people who love you no matter what, is a good reason to be thankful.
  • Friends: the ones that have been with you through thick and thin, the ones that have inspired you to be a better person and even the ones that criticize you
  • You: for staying alive and for little effort you make at being a better person.
  • Good health: shouldn’t you be thankful that you’re healthy and not laying on a hospital bed.
  • Pain; be thankful for the pain you’re going through, it helps you get stronger in life. Remember there is no gain without pain.
  • Disappointments; they help you identify the most important things in your life
  • Be thankful for every single day you see, knowing that it’s another opportunity to make an impact.
  • Be thankful for the social media which help us stay connected with all the people that matter in our lives.
  •  Be thankful for technology, it makes life much easier.
  • Your job: the fact that you have one is a reason to be thankful.


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  1. this post reminds me of myself……its amazing and am sure it will go a long way in making people realize where they are going wrong like it did to…..thank God for u!…You are a blessing.

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